Patented micelle technology, Revolutionary active agent resorption
Micellierte Wirkstoffe mit ihrem optimalen Potential
Swiss Quality and unique know-how
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miVital’s unique and patented micelle technology encapsulates the respective substances in the smallest, homogeneous single units in form of micelles. Valuable agents unfold their full and intended effect by making fat-soluble active agents water-soluble.

our service

Individual development orders

On request, we are happy to work out new individual recipes with specific active ingredients.

Delivery basic solubilisates

We offer selected solubilisates with specific active ingredients from existing and established recipes.

We want to achieve 100% bioavailability of fat-soluble substances.

We bring active substances to their intended destination

We value pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics in every step pf the development process.

If you have to administer a very expensive drug and then lose more than three quarters of the active ingredient because the body can not resrob it, then it becomes clear why our patented technology is of interest to pharmaceutical companies. For the same specific effect, our development requires much less active ingredient.

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