The miVital technology adopts the natural transport system of micellisation for the generation of industrially valuable pharmaceutically active micelles. Valuable active ingredients can unfold their full and intended potential through this process. The miVital process opens up exclusive opportunities in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

For the digestion of specific substances, the human organism constantly forms its own micelles. This is an energy-consuming, time-consuming process for the body, which limits the amount of substances that can be absorbed. With the preliminary formation of micelles from natural raw materials, the body is relieved of this necessary step. The unique and patented process of miVital AG gives selected substances optimal bioavailability. The body can thus absorb and process otherwise poorly soluble substances directly.

Targeted substances are surrounded by an amphiphilic shell, which is itself water-soluble and brings the active substance it contains to its destination. Naturally known substances are used in the process, revolutionising delivery forms of a wide variety of substances. The new way of administration changes the pharmacokinetics of active substances. It is possible to apply more specific dosages and smaller amounts of a substance with the same profit.