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St.Galler Tagblatt, Hanspeter Schiess

miVital’s unique and patented micelle technology encapsulates the respective substances in the smallest, absolutely homogeneous single units in form of product micelles. Valuable agents are no longer excreted largely unused but unfold their full and intended effect by making fat-soluble active agents water-soluble.

This process opens up an exclusive potential in both the nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical market.

Our Micelles


The miVital technology adopts the natural transport system of micellisation for the generation of industrially valuable pharmaceutically active micelles. According to natures example the active agent carried by a water-soluble shell reaches its specific destination. The micelle is proving to be an optimal carrier system of hydrophobic substances for a higher and faster resorption of active ingredients. Therefore, the relevant substances have beneficially a much higher bioavailability.


The fat-loving substance is surrounded by an amphiphilic shell, which itself is water-soluble and brings the active substance to its destination. This new way of administration changes the pharmacokinetics of the substances. It opens up the possibility to use smaller amounts of an active ingredient without losing any effect. Additionally, more specified dosages can be determined and applied.

Essential ingredients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K, omega-3 fatty acids and many other natural substances can be better resorbed by the body.

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Individual development orders

We are keen to work out new individual formulations with requested active ingredients.


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Out of a platform of established formulations we can provide base-solubilisates on request.



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miVital is in the Final of the Startfeld Diamant 2018.


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